Training for the Olympics – Skateboarding

Thinking of participating in the next Olympics?

Skateboarders train for the summer Olympics for years prior to competing. This training includes years of mental and physical preparation. How can you train like an Olympic athlete or how can you join them in the next games?

Exactly, how does one qualify for the USA Skateboarding Team?

In this article we will discuss:

  • Injury Prevention
  • Practice
  • Mental Training
  • Physical Training
  • Competitions
  • Qualifying for the Olympic Team

Injury Prevention

Competitive skateboarders must learn new tricks and also minimize injury. Despite skill, one injury can incapacitate a skater for months or years. The best skaters, who are training for the Olympic Games, know how to….

-Properly Care for Injuries
-Correctly Falling to Minimize Severe Injury
-Practicing with Proper Safety Gear

Practice is the largest element of proper Olympic Skateboarding Preparation. Often practice takes up tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of hours prior to the games.

-Practice is essential for mind-muscle connection.
-Olympic runs must be practiced hundreds of times in advance of the games.

Mental Training
The mental wear and tear of falling can torture a skater. Studies show that Olympic Athletes perform best under low-stress conditions. Upon signs of stress, cortisol levels rise, reducing the amount of testosterone. Testosterone is a vital hormone for mental strength and risk. The mind is clearer when cortisol levels are at their lowest.

-Meditation can be helpful to some skaters before competitions.

Physical Training

One of the most neglected components of getting ready for the Olympics is weight lifting. Skateboarding places a massive strain on the joints and tendons. To support such harsh movements, athletes should spend 1-3 days a week in the gym.

Popular Exercises


-Leg Extensions

-Calf Raises

-Leg Curls


Popular competitions for prepare and qualify for the USA Skateboarding Team.

-Battle of The Berrics

-X Games

-Dew Tour

-Skatepark of Tampa – Tampa Am

Requirements to be in the Olympics:

  • Skaters must listed in the World Skateboarding Rankings at†
  • Hold a valid license or be recognized by their National Federation. details the official qualification process for the Olympics for skateboarding. In qualified competitions, skaters must achieve a score of 85% or higher.

Available Events for Qualification:

Menís Events (2)Womenís Events (2)

Are you looking for Olympian Training?

Perhaps, one of the most well-known resources for those looking to improve their skateboarding is Go Skate Skateboard School. trains aspiring athletes nationwide. It has several pros and has been working with Olympians in the past. Check their site for more info.