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Reasons why every child should take skateboarding lessons

You may ask why kids need lessons in order to learn to skate but the truth is that there are things they will learn from taking official lessons than learning to skate on the streets. Below are some important reasons why every child should take skateboarding lessons.

One of the reasons why every child should take skateboarding lessons is that it allows them gather experience. It is only normal for a new skater to be excited, filled with that excitement; he or she can gain enough knowledge but requires polished skateboarding skills in other to put it into good use. This is the case because most skateboarders go by trial and error approach which is usually not the best idea, it is easier for you to learn the complete set of skills from a good instructor. A random friend who just enjoys skating can teach some skills don’t mean he can teach you as much as an experienced skater. IN indirectly gain experience from what an experienced instructor will teach you in a learning environment.

Another very important thing on the list of reasons why every child should take skateboarding lessons is that they get to learn new and improved tricks that will help them become better skaters. It goes beyond the basic trick you know which is putting your feet on the skateboard and then pushing it on your own. There is a whole world of ticks that you can learn if you only go through the right source. It is one of the main reasons why every child who wants to go far with skating should take proper lessons. There are lots of tricks to learn and the only way to learn them is when you enroll your child in a proper skate school where skateboarding lessons are taught. It doesn’t matter if it’s a group or private lesson, he/she will learn the tricks eventually. There is something about tricks, learning them is not the aim but learning them the right way.

When it comes to reasons why every child should take skateboarding lessons, then an important one that should inspire you is that it teaches them that there are worse things than falling. In skateboarding lessons, you will learn to fall and then you will understand that good fallers fear less because they understand that it is not the worst thing that can happen to you. You will be taught how to handle falls and with that, you will become less afraid of falling. Once you get the fear of falling out of your system, you are more relaxed and then you will find out that falling is not so painful. Once you understand that there are worse things than falling, your life as a whole changes for good, it improves the quality of your life as well as polishes your skateboarding skills. That is what helps you learn to skate in the first place and what keeps you throughout your skateboarding career.
There is one major problem that taking skateboarding lessons can solve and it is the fact that once kids stand on a skateboard they begin to think too much. One of the reasons why every child should take skateboarding lessons is that once you are on a skate, you should think too much. Just let the adrenaline rush guide you in a positive way, thinking too much while on the skate brings about fear. Just take baby steps, if you have been hurt from falling from your skate, all you have to do is learn from your mistake and forge ahead, don’t waste time thinking too much and end up getting scared.

What kids learn in Skateboarding Lesson?

Skateboarding may seem like a sport to most folks but it goes beyond that and this article show reasons why every child should take skateboarding lessons.

They Learn Vital Life Lessons


The very first and most important thing when it comes to what kids learn in skateboarding lesson is the fact that it teaches them life lessons. Skateboarding for some kids provides an opportunity for them to establish a positive relationship in an unfriendly environment. Taking lessons teaches the kids principles of skateboarding and how it goes beyond just a sport, it keeps them off the streets, keeps them away from crime and drugs. It teaches them above every other thing perseverance which is a vital life lesson. The very first time they get on a skateboard can be scary but it teaches that it is okay to fall in life, that in life you are going to fall a lot of the time but you are going to get back up each time you fall. The good thing is that at the end of the day, you are going to get a reward and the reward is the fun that comes with skating while learning life lessons at the same time.

They learn to build self confidence

Another important thing when it comes to what kids learn in skateboarding lesson is that it helps them build their confidence. Every child that skates at some point in their skating life builds a certain amount of confidence whether consciously or unconsciously. Basically, a dedicated skater who is a kid even as an adult can accept that skating helps you overcome challenges and all it takes is just hard work. With skateboarding, you know that it is usually hard the first time, but you also know that you have to keep trying until you improve and that attitude is what instills confidence in you. You learn from taking proper skateboard lessons that you can build your confidence overtime.

They Learn to Keep their Balance

You shouldn’t look at this superficially; it holds a deep meaning in the sense that it’s not just about physical balance but a deeper meaning. When you take skateboarding lessons, you will be taught not to lean too much on every side whether forward, backwards or to the sides. This means that you are taught to stay exactly on the middle of the skateboard so that you don’t fall. Balance basically in skateboarding means you staying up on your feet without leaning too much on every side and not falling. This balance also applies to life in general not just on the skate board, don’t lean forward too much which is basically you living in the future or in the past when you lean backward too much.

They learn to take good risks

Skateboarding is about taking risks and well, let’s just says it’s the same when it comes to life in general. You hardly go by without taking risks and when it comes to skateboarding, your very first step is a risk because you can get hurt but that is the fun in it. It’s a risk you have to take, if you fall down, you can get back up. It’s about you leaving your comfort zone and taking a risk, that’s what life, is about and that’s what kids learn from skateboarding lessons that they may not learn anywhere else. It’s okay to be scared and get shaky knees, that’s what leaving your comfort zone and taking risks feels like but you will take that step and find out that its fun all the way.

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